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Wide Variety of Power MOSFET Devices Now Available from PowerSilicon, Inc.

PowerSilicon, Inc. just recently announced the release of a wide range of Power MOSFET devices to complement its current product line of power semiconductors. 

Heading the offering is a family of High-Current Trench MOSFETs that feature reduced On-State Resistance (RDS(on)) while boasting of higher current ratings, making them  extremely suitable for high-power and high-current applications such as DC-DC switching, DC motors, power tools, switching power supplies and industrial batteries, to name a few.  These High-Current Trench MOSFETs come in the traditional TO-220, D2PAK and TO-262 power packages but feature 50-60% ratings improvement over usual package ratings.  The improved ratings of these devices deliver improved efficiency even at light load conditions.

PSI Power MOSFET Selection Guide

PSI Power MOSFET Selection Guide

PSI Power MOSFET Selection Guide


PowerSilicon, Inc. offers Ultra-Low Capacitance TVS Array Device for HDMI Protection

PowerSilicon, Inc. has recently unveiled its UL054BM10 Ultra-Low Capacitance TVS Array device, designed to meet the protection requirements of High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) and other high-speed data lines from transients caused by Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), Electrical Fast Transients (EFT), and Tertiary Lightning and other induced voltages. 

The UL054BM10 is one of the few TVS arrays currently available in the market that features a typically low capacitance of 0.3pF, is capable of protecting up to four I/O lines, and offers transient voltage protection conforming to IEC61000-4-2 standards of 15kV (air) and 8kV (contact).  It is currently available in MSOP-10 package type, with its ultra-thin design optimized for high-speed lines.

ESD Protection Devices Short Form

ESD Protection Devices ESD Protection Devices


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